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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.15.11] Tuvalu movie news horror

TV is a hit and miss venue of entertainment for me and with so much new material cycling through, I find it hard to keep track of what's coming and going, what to watch and what to skip. With so much turn around, I find I usually wait for a recommendation before jumping into a show but here's one I'm so excited about, I've already marked my calendar for its October 5th premiere.

The show in question is FX's "American Horror Story." To some, this will be old news but to others like myself, this could come as the best news you've heard in weeks. It certainly made my month when the upcoming show was brought to my attention over the weekend.

From the minds of "Nip/Tuck" creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and, among others, Joss Whedon regular writer Tim Minear, "American Horror Story" stars a great cast including Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Frances Conroy and Connie Britton in a story about a family on the rocks who buy a house in the LA area where some murders have taken place. Things get crazy when blood stars coming down the walls and, as describes it, "the husband's [McDermott] psychiatric clients start doing that Jacob's Ladder head-shaking thing, husband and wife [Britton] have rough, bondage sex, and everyone in the house starts seeing disturbing visions, including a maid [Conroy] that alternates between sweet old lady and voluptuous whore."

The show's pilot caused quite a stir when it played to TV reporters earlier this month and from the looks of the promo material, Murphy and Falchuk's "psycho-sexual horror series" is going to be a field day for fans of horror though I'm guessing the general public who delights in "True Blood's" brushes with blood, death and vampire sex may well go running the other way when the show premieres.

The production has been kept well under wraps and not much is getting out besides what they want to share but here's a collection of promo videos that have been floating around for a few weeks. Looks like more "clues" are being revealed on a regular basis. I can't wait to see a series trailer.

Let the countdown begin!

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