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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.16.11] movie news dvd

Priest (Unrated Version - Perhaps not as widely criticized as his first film, Legion, Scott Stewart still didn't quite hit the mark with this overblown vampire yarn loosely adapted from the famous manga. It's got a great look though and Paul Bettany is always cool. I'll be checking it out in this high-def unrated version.

The Ward - is John Carpenter's new mental asylum shocker. Obviously we're all going to be hitting this up in one for or another. I mean, it's Carpenter right? It may not have received the most glowing reviews, but after seeing those creepy credits I've been eagerly awaiting seeing the whole thing.

Medium Raw - is a new horror film seeing release from Anchor Bay. Mostly this came on my radar because it stars John Rhys-Davies. Kind of an odd film for him to be in. It's an inmates-running-the-asylum kind of deal about 'The Wolf', a spike-jawed serial killer who escapes a sanitarium is hungry for vengeance against those who imprisoned him.

Outcasts: Season One - got canceled after just one season, but I know that once it got rockin' it gained a loyal following. I like the concept of a group of survivors from a dead earth that try to inhabit a new planet anyway, and the South African locations are supposed to be pretty stunning.

Cul-de-sac/The Killing The Criterion Collection Blu-ray - for the first time, Criterion are releasing Roman Polanski's Cul-de-Sac and Stanley Kibrick's The Killing. Both of these films are incredible early efforts by great directors, but I'm particularly excited about Cul-de-Sac. I just absolutely love the score from Krzysztof Komeda and the setting and execution is just great.

The Bang Bang Club - What is the role of photographers during a time of war? This is what Steven Silver's film is all about. When do you stop being an observer and get involved. I know that this is a dilemma that also plagues documentary filmmakers. Marina didn't love the film in her review, but this is one I would queue up on Netflix for sure.

Malibu Shark Attack - Lastly, for you creature feature junkies out there, we've got a shark attack flick from Arc as part of their Maneater Series.

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Michel Allen (10 years ago) Reply

Medium Raw was alright. I reviewed it. The film is a small Canadian production, set in a state of the art insane asylum. Lots of character reveals and cannibals. I enjoyed it.

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