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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.17.11] movie trailer news horror

I read somewhere that Dimension Extreme (aka The Weinstein Company) were contractually obligated to pump out this and the last Hellraiser sequel in order to hold onto the property rights a little longer. Bad journalism I know, but it makes sense in a way considering there's a larger budget Hellraiser reboot in development hell at the moment and Stephen King's "Children of the Corn" has become a franchise all its own.

So anyway, the official trailer for the Children of the Corn: Genesis has dropped and it's full of telekinetic kids doing horrible things to good people.

Tim and Allie seek shelter in a remote desert compound after becoming lost and stranded. A strange Manson-like character, Preacher, reluctantly allows them inside with strict orders to be gone by morning and not wander "where you are not invited."

At first, Preacher and his mail-order wife Oksana deny the faint screams and cries that emanate from one of the crumbling outbuildings. When Allie sneaks outside to investigate, she discovers that she and Tim have stumbled onto a bizarre cult. worshiping an entity that may - or may not - dwell inside a haunted little boy.

The film by Joel Soisson stars Barbara Nedeljakova, Billy Drago, Kelen Coleman and Tim Rock.

It hits DVD August 30, 2011

Check out the trailer below.

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