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quietearth [Celluloid 08.21.11] Hungary movie trailer news scifi steampunk

Three years back we got pretty excited about Hungary's upcoming steampunk-esque scifi flick Sorsvonalak (which has since been renamed Thelomeris) and then.. saw nothing for years.

Soaked in green screen and based around a clock factory, the team behind this brought Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on to take a part in the film and as a creative script consultant. The end result has a noir-ish feel and looks and very, very good. I've been hopeful about this project since I first found it and now, I'm seriously excited!

Dark clouds are crowding in the sky above the endless metropolis. This is Thelomeris, the city of cogwheels and clocks. The citizens are living their lives in order to operate the clock factory and make it work as effectively as possible and create more energy for making even more clockworks. No one knows who and why established the city, or how long it has existed. Its ancient bordering walls and looming skyscrapers are reaching for the sky silently. Enormous metal cogs are working at the heart of the clock factory, as it casts dark shadows onto the city.

The biggest and most influential man of Thelomeris, MAN1 is the owner of the clock factory too. His job is to operate the factory as effectively as he can while grabbing all opportunities to study time and get as close to understanding it as possible. He is a mysterious and scary man, who leads his company with fearless determination, knowing that even his investors are scared of him, thinking that he has no emotions what so ever. There is only one person who can fill this empty heart with warmth. This is his wife, who with love and care tries to convince MAN1 to close down the factory, before they risk losing everything, including each other. But just before he is able to make the decision over the clock factory his wife suddenly becomes sick. No one knows what the cause of the secret disease is, and all his powers seem to be scant to help. There is only one chance remaining: to play out time and go against it, change the course of time and in this way, change his wife's destiny.

There seems to be only one mysterious person, 'Stranger' (Mark Hamill) who offers a solution to eluding faith. But faith isn't something to be played with...

Teaser after the break!

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J.J. (10 years ago) Reply

Nice FX. Film looks awful.


Abrams (10 years ago) Reply

Maybe they just didn't show enough in this trailer.

It was a bad trailer.


Eyesis (10 years ago) Reply

I can't wait :)


MrSatyre (10 years ago) Reply

Doesn't look particularly steampunkish to me.


greenblade (10 years ago) Reply

It looks more art deco Metropolis to me; different era from steampunk but also cool.
Narrator reminded me of Burgess Meredith.


Fabrizio Bianchi (10 years ago) Reply

So now, Hamill plays Palpatine. I have my gf who is Hungarian. I can give you translated news if you want.


Fabrizio Bianchi (10 years ago) Reply

By the way, this is not steampunk, but dieselpunk.


Mike (10 years ago) Reply

u don't have a gf, u're too ugly

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