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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.24.11] movie news dvd

Trollhunter - is one of those festival favourites that somehow slipped through the cracks here at QE. Oh, we knew all about it, we just never caught a screening for review or promoted it for some reason. Chances are you've seen the amazing trailers from Magnet that have come out since the film was picked up for distro. Know though that this is a Norwegian film with subs and that it's supposed to be pretty stellar. Looking forward to finally watching it.

Blitz - is a UK cop/action flick starring Jason Statham. It's been getting middling reviews since it's release in the UK, some calling it out as being on par with a MFTV movie. Seems like one I'd check out if I was in the mood for some action though.

Roger Corman's Sword And Sorcery Collection - featuring Deathstalker, Deathstalker II, The Warrior And The Sorceress & Barbarian Queen. Deathstalker is really the best film on here and for that I wish Shout! Factory had released the film as a standalone Blu-ray with the plethora of extras we're so used to getting from them. But alas, a four-title DVD for a decent price is nothing to sneeze at I guess.

Roger Corman's Women in Cages Collection - featuring The Big Bird Cage, Big Doll House and Women in Cages. Also from Shout! Factory This one is a Blu-ray or DVD release so if women in cages is your thing this is probably the best you'll get in terms of quality.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - this is a release of the original film in a long overdue remastered special edition. The del Toro produced remake is on it's way to theatres, so I'm glad/not surprised to see this release. Too bad no Blu-ray though...

Tracker - is a New Zealand manhunt movie starring Ray Winstone and Temuera Morrison. It's supposed to be pretty solid and Winstone is the man, so I'm gonna check it out this week.

Neds - is a troubled youth drama from acclaimed Scottish director Peter Mullen. Want to know more about it? Read Marina's review.

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cornholio by the sea (9 years ago) Reply

I first saw this as a copy which had no subs and it was STILL very entertaining...second time around with the subs really makes it shine...refreshing to see the no name cast...very realistic...lots of fun and quite an interesting spin on the old legends...a good film...

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