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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.30.11] post apocalyptic movie trailer scifi

At this point, Bloody Hero is just a trailer. A bloody good one. It was made by one dude in his basement who (like all of us) has an ambitious idea for "steampunk superhero story" made with puppets. Zombie puppets and robots and stuff. The stuff of childhood nightmares.

Here's what the creator says in his own words:
This is a story idea I have had for many years. I've put most of the story together in my notebooks and sketchpads, but I had an opportunity to build some of the characters and made this short "faux trailer" for the project.

It is all about an immortal hero who cannot bleed, but is often stained by the blood of his enemies. It's a long and dark story that I placed in a "steampunk" world and evolves over several decades. I'm currently working on a graphic novel version of the story, but, time and finance permitting, I may turn it into a web series or feature.

Well man, we hope you do. That's all we have. We don't have a website, Facebook page or anything but we're on the lookout.

Thanks to Avery for the tip off.

Check it out below!

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skullan (10 years ago) Reply

I'm not really left feeling haunted, disturbed or even considering watching the movie (if it came out).

I applaud that someone is trying something, but this does nothing for me, plot nor effects.


RalphLockwood (10 years ago) Reply

Got to admit it has a very unique look to it! I'm intrigued!


Serbaside (10 years ago) Reply

Anything animated/steam punk/pa just reminds me too much of '9' *shudders*


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Reminds me of the genesis video from the '80s

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