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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.01.11] movie trailer news drama mystery

I would tell you to close your eyes to fully enjoy the telling of this story but alas, if you did that, you wouldn't be reading this little write up and that would, to put it plainly, suck. So image instead that you wake up in the middle of the desert. You're alone and injured, you don't know where you are other than to note that there isn’t much around and to make matters worse, you can't remember who you are or how you got there. A woman finds you, helps you get back on your feet and with a clue you find scribbled on a piece of paper in your pocket, you head to LA to figure out who you are and what happed.

That's the premise of Henry Barrial's new indie Pig, the film that took home the best feature film prize at Sci-Fi London earlier this year and which is due to play at the B-Movie Celebration at the end of September.

Apparently the folks in Franklin are expanding their scope of film selection because although this definitely feels like an indie, it doesn't exactly look or feel like a b-movie. I like this trailer which sets up the story and builds a bit of mystery without giving any major clues away. The story feels like it borrows the basic premise from Christopher Nolan's Memento but I'm hoping Barrial manages to infuse something new into the proceedings.

The official trailer along with an early trailer which shows a little more of the story are below while more details on the film can be found at the official website.

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shadowolfhunter (9 years ago) Reply

Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Gripping, unnerving, existentialist, this film ticks every box you can think of. A mature piece of cinema for curious minds.

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