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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.09.11] Spain movie trailer news scifi comedy drama

The tone of Nacho Vigalondo's sophomore film is a 180 from the sombre Timecrimes, but Extraterrestrial, still looks to be a unique twist on the alien invasion genre that's currently in-vogue. It's sort of a romantic chamber dramedy driven by the concept that aliens have landed. I like what I'm seeing.

There's only one sane response when you wake up to a sky full of alien invaders -run like hell. But what do you do if the invasion starts when you've just met the girl of your dreams?

Julio wakes up - horribly hungover and with no memory of the night before - next to a mind-blowingly sexy girl, in a stunning apartment. She wants him out now but the alien invasion that's just begun outside is the perfect excuse for Julio to stay.

And even though things are growing worse by the minute, even though the girl's husband has arrived on the scene... even though the alien threat is getting more and more terrifying, Julio's clear about one thing. Just like the monstrous creatures that have traveled across galaxies to destroy Mankind, he's here to stay.

The film is set to play at TIFF 2011 and then at Fantastic Fest 2011. Hopefully we'll get a review to you from there.

Check out the first trailer below.

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Kane (11 years ago) Reply

Ok. Not creepy at all watching her sleep with the sound way up. Not at all.


sonaboy (11 years ago) Reply

Cool composite of her at the end, as if she's in some sort of ...*gasp...incubation cocoon.


EarthsSurvivor (11 years ago) Reply

Lol, thought the same, a bit too creepy at the end there. I love the way it's been shot but I think it will end in a disappointment if we expect an all out alien infestation. The only glimpse of aliens we see is one shot of the edge of a ufo. This shot is used throughout the film it seems, we saw it on the news to start with, then on freeze frame later with the white board then at the end. We also see the same shot on the poster not once but used TWICE. The fact that this same shot has been overtly used in every scene related to an alien makes me slightly suspicious.

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