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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 09.12.11] United Kingdom news horror

If you're in Sheffield and looking for something fun and exciting to ramp you up for Halloween, look no further than Celluloid Screams.

This year's festival runs October 21st to 23rd and features a great assortment of feature length and short films to get the blood pumping and get the neighbourhood worked up for a Halloween celebration.

The festival will open with a screening of Alex Chandon's Inbred (trailer, review) and continues with The Theatre Bizzare starring the great Udo Kier, the German giallo Masks (trailer) and the Jack Perez's horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People (trailer) staring Kevin Corrigan.

Along with these titles (and an assortment of others), the festival will also be screening a couple of horror classics including Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, José Ramón Larraz's Vampyres and John Carpenter's Halloween.

More details and additional titles at the official website.

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