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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.14.11] movie trailer news horror

An intense looking new horror film from Cuban filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez is playing at Toronto Film Festival this month. It's called Lovely Molly and the intense trailer from TIFF has been making the rounds this week.

The film looks like it uses a blend of conventional and found footage to give its eerie supernatural story a realistic twist. That in itself may be nothing new, but I think this one may make some waves in the horror community.

A young newlywed woman is thrust into a supernatural nightmare of the unknown when she moves into her deceased father's house.

Check out the trailer below.

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sonaboy (8 years ago) Reply

Sanchez' previous film "Seventh Moon" is also worth checking out. It's got a real dream-state quality to the last third of it. If you've ever been turned-around or lost in a foreign country, you'll notice this does a good job of ratcheting up the tension a bit, before going full bonkers. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.


Anonymous (8 years ago) Reply

oh, come on, kids!!! nobody has a sense of history!!! sanchez first film was a little ditty call BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!!!


sonaboy (8 years ago) Reply

I'm sure many people are aware of that, but unfortunately, so many film fans have such a knee-jerk reaction to the film that it's wiser to just avoid direct association with it in order to build interest in the current movie.


agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

That's exactly right, Sonaboy. I've seen Sanchez's films Seventh Moon and Blair Witch but was too under-the-gun while posting to mention them. My fault ultimately, but yes I am aware of Sanchez and his films.



sonaboy (7 years ago) Reply

@agentorange - color me surprised that I enjoyed THREE of the four offerings from Ghost House. I thought The Children was fantastic. The only one I had a real problem with was The Offspring. I liked the concept of a feral family existing somewhere in the wilds of the northeast, but the "Keystone Cops" routine (seriously, ANYONE HAVE A RADIO?!?) and the Nell-speak ultimately sunk it. It was a good try though.

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