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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.20.11] movie news scifi documentary history

Late last year I had the chance to check out Matthew Avant's Lunopolis. I really enjoyed Matt's mockumentary about structures on the moon and everything that goes along with that discovery. Time travel, conspiracy, aliens... these and all sorts of other theories are folded into an entertaining package.

I've been keeping a pretty close eye on the film which already saw a bit of self-distribution earlier in the year but we now have information the as of October 11th, the film will be widely and easily available so those that want to get their hands on it will finally have that opportunity.

Just in time for Halloween, Lunopolis will be shipping out from Amazon (pre-order) and for those that prefer a rental, you the film will also be available on Netflix streaming.

Definitely worth a look. And if you need a little reminder...

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Diggler (10 years ago) Reply

Now this has gotten me excited! I first heard about this on QE, what seems like eons ago. I have been waiting impatiently since for it to finally come out!

Now we just need Radio Free Albemuth, though this seems like it'll be far more watchable.


agentorange (10 years ago) Reply

Yes, but is it Netflix Canada?

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