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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.20.11] movie trailer news action fantasy vampires

It seems like forever since we last saw an update on Jennifer Thym's Bloodtraffick. The fantasy action film has been making the rounds through various festivals but all we'd seen was a series of really beautiful stills but we finally have a little more.

The short stars Grace Huang as a human vigilante in search for her missing sister who ends up in the den of vampire and must escape. I loved the visuals we'd seen before and a fancy trailer which has made its way online suggests the 11 minute short features quite a bit of action to accompany the great visuals. My only complaint: you can't tell there are any vampires involved and if it weren't for the description, I'd certainly never guess it from either the stills or this trailer.

The lucky folks at San Diego Asian Film Festival will have a chance to see the film which is screening with Cold Fish in late October but the rest of us will likely have to wait until the short lands on iTunes or some other such medium. Until then, I'll just marvel at the awesomeness and shake my fist that this continues to elude me.

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