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Simon Read [Film Festival 09.28.11] United Kingdom movie news horror

Manchester’s premier horror festival GrimmUpNorth returns for a third glorious year of blood, guts and sheer unflinching horror madness, so get those chainsaws out!

From Thursday-Sunday (October 6–9) the festival will screen movies at the AMC Cinema Manchester, with titles including Lucky McKee’s highly anticipated The Woman, and Carl Tippetts’ star-studded debut Retreat which features performances from Jamie Bell, Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy.

Other exciting titles include zom-com The Undeads, the amazing looking multi-directed (including Richard “Hardware” Stanley and Tom “DOTD” Savini) omnibus feature Theatre of the Bizarre. The line-up this year is looking better than ever, and even includes a film from (of all people) Martin Kemp titled Stalker (don’t worry -not a remake of the Tarkovskiy). Check out the schedule below and make sure to enter our competition to win tickets the opening night gala.

Visit for more info.

Personally I’m looking forward to finally checking out Xavier Gens’ new flick The Divide and catching the insane looking Some Guy Who Kills People, and there’s even a nice retro screening of Cronenberg’s much overlooked King adaptation The Dead Zone starring a young Christopher Walken.

All the way from Hong Kong there’s Asian horror in the form of Revenge: A Love Story and there’s the highly anticipated semi-sequel of The Wicker Man (original, not the Cage mess) in Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Tree, which we’ve been following for some time now.

That’s just a fraction of a line-up which includes many more films, not to mention a series of shorts, gaming experiences and prizes to be won.

Check the full timetable below and follow the banner to enter the competition and win tickets to the opening night.

See you there, and stay scared.

Thursday 6th October – Gala Opening
RETREAT 20:00 – 22:50
Afterparty – 22.50

Friday 7th October
THE DEAD ZONE 13:15 – 15.20
BLACK & BLUE PRESENTATION + Q & A 15:45 – 17:05
URBAN EXPLORER 17:25 – 19:15
STALKER 19:55 – 21.40
KIDNAPPED 22:00 – 23:45
ADAM CHAPLIN 00:10 – 01:55

Saturday 8th October
BY DAY AND BY NIGHT 10:45 – 12:40
HALLOWEEN 3 13:00 – 15:00
THE WOMAN 17:40 – 19:40
THE REVEREND 20:00 – 22:00
REVENGE: A LOVE STORY 22:15 – 00:05
DEADHEADS 00:25 – 02:20

Sunday 9th October
THE DEAD 13:50 – 15:40
THE DIVIDE 16:00 – 18:10
THE WICKER TREE 21:10 – 23:00

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