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quietearth [Film Festival 09.30.11] news

Hot on the heels of the in-the-bloody-middle-of-nowhere Telluride Film Festival comes the Telluride Horror Show. Slipstreaming it's Big Brother and picking up speed, the 3 day fest which runs October 14th-16th has 14 features (and some oldies) currently slated including the excellent The Revenant and Tucker & Dale vs Evil. It will also be picking up 4 or 6 more features in the coming days, and to boot, I'll be there to provide coverage. Fest Website with listing following. Watch out for a contest!

Features --
The Revenant
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
The Whisperer in Darkness
The Tunnel
Some Guy Who Kills People (Can't wait for this one!)
The Scarlet Worm
Monster Brawl
Little Shop of Horrors (A blast from the past)
The Devil's Business
Bride of Frankenstein

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