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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 11.10.11] Canada trailer thriller drama

I was expecting strange, this is Guy Maddin we're talking about here, but I didn't really think to expect creepy nudity. In his newest project, a gangster thriller titled Keyhole, Maddin puts his own spin on the journey of Homer's "Odyssey."

Jason Patric stars as Ulysses Pick, a deadbeat dad and gangster who arrives home with a bound girl and young man in tow. His gang of misfits awaits inside but upon arrival, Ulysses is more interested in making his way through the house, room by room, looking for his wife Hyacinth (Isabella Rossellini) and the journey is anything but straight forward.

The film also stars Kevin McDonald and Udo Kier who, in a slightly traumatizing manner, rolls around naked in this first clip from the film. Who he is and what he's doing bound is beyond me but the film's TIFF write-up includes this little tidbit: "It also begins to seem possible that the characters in Keyhole may not be alive." So apparently this is also a ghost story?

Yup, the Maddin-isms are adding up. While we await to find out what Keyhole will deliver, the visuals certainly show great promise, you can take a peek at what to expect below. The film is playing the Whistler Film Festival in December.

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Michael Allen (10 years ago) Reply

I think you should put a "not before coffee" warning on here. Holy Christ!


kate (10 years ago) Reply

Its just a penis, chill out.


filmgirl (10 years ago) Reply

the naked man isn't Udo at all. i'm working on the film, building a fb page if anyone is interested:

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