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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.16.11] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

We've been hearing bits and pieces about Albert Pyun's intent to move ahead with a prequel to his own 1980s hit, Cyborg, for a while now, but it seems as though it's actually happening. This week, the director started test photography on Cyborg: Rise of the Slingers (formerly Cyborg: Legacy) and has given us the first look at some promo art that has been mocked up using footage from those tests.

As seems to be the usual way with the director these days, he is going for a sexy look with a sultry female lead.

About the story, Pyun had this to say:
"The big issue never really addressed by Cyborg was the plague that destroyed the world. So we are delving into the backstory regarding the plague, that it creates a zombie of the infected, that Mary (Terrie Batson) was the first prophet series cyborg and she was the cyborg – “Tama Prophet”- created to spread the plague (Mary being the Typhoid Mary of the 21st Century). In Cyborg, Pearl Prophet (Dayle Haddon) was created to spread the cure so its an interesting juxtposition of purposes I think.

Fender and the other Slingers were mercenary black ops soldiers working for a Halliburton type corporation and volunteered to become cybergenic. They were the Slingers and created to be immune to the plague and to further the corporations interests."

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