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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.17.11] news scifi

In case you missed the news, Joseph Conrad's classic book, "Heart of Darkness" is in development to be remade into a science fiction flick by director Peter Cornwell (A Haunting in Connecticut). Yup, set in space and all. So now that that shock is out of the way, here are some developments on the project. The film's official new titles is Into Darkness (not bad) and we've tracked down an official synopsis along with a couple pieces of promo art.

"Into Darkness" is a re-imagined version of Joseph Conrad's novel "Heart of Darkness", which is widely regarded as a significant work of English literature and part of the Western canon.

The year of 2388, with earth's resources exhausted and the human race on the brink of extinction, the governing Alliance sends intrepid explorer KURTZ on a reconnaissance mission to an unknown planet that may support human life. But communication with Kurtz mysteriously ceases and rookie Captain MARLOW is assigned the perilous task of completing the objective.

Carrying humanity's last hope for survival Marlow follows in Kurtz's footsteps across the galaxy, finally uncovering the mystery of his disappearance when he crash lands on a world unimaginable. What he discovers there will be beyond humanity's wildest dreams wildest fears."

So that's how they plan on doing it. The film is still categorized as "in development," but it's a cool idea that has some critics wondering if adapting classic tales in new, scifi or fantastical ways is an upcoming trend.

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Rook (10 years ago) Reply

This is a concept that has me excited. It sounds like the type of sci-fi that I thought Hollywood didn't care to make anymore. I hope this comes out as good as it sounds...a forlorn hope, but a hope.


MARLOW (10 years ago) Reply

Could be another excellent rework of the HOD book like Apocalypse Now was but I cant understand why a good remake of the book set in its own time and story cant be made into film. Why would that not translate just as well or better?


roger (8 years ago) Reply

Why on earth would they attempt to remake Heart of Darkness? And to make it science fiction? Please tell me this is a joke?

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