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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.18.11] post apocalyptic scifi

[Updated with poster art!] Alex Cheng, the writer and director of this post-apocalyptic adaptation of the Chinese novel "Journey to the West", is looking for support to complete his new shot and has passed us along the first still from the movie. Surely it's unlike anything we've seen traversing the wasteland which is why we wanted to share. Take a gander at more below.

Rampage In Heaven is a sprawling, violent, post-apocalyptic short film rooted in the 16th century Chinese novel, 'Journey To The West.'

The film follows the character of 'The Monkey King' as he travels across a nightmarish, dying world where all natural elements have been replaced by twisted, mechanical recreations. Upon discovering other survivors, both human and monstrous, he sets out on a self-destructive mission to become more human himself. After carving a savage path on his journey, he comes face-to-face with the costs of his vanity.

Using iconic characters and a similar framework to 'Journey To The West', the film explores the insecurities and turmoil along the path to understanding identity. Featuring an all-encompassing art direction that blends live-action, animation and puppetry, it's designed to be grasped purely by its visuals, regardless of spoken language.

You can support the production on Kickstater.

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. (11 years ago) Reply

Xbox360 game Enslaved is roughly a post-apoc version of Journey to the West


(11 years ago) Reply

True, but this looks completely different.

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