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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.22.11] New Zealand scifi comedy

Here's one that took me completely by surprise. Avery Mining Corp. sent over a link to a trailer for The Helmet. A little digging has revealed that this is a concept trailer for the film which is currently in the running, and a finalist!, in a competition to win $100,000 towards production of a low budget film (more details on the competition at Make My Movie).

That's great enough on its own but it is definitely not the reason that this video surprised me. We're going to bend the rules a little and show you the trailer first and then we'll forge on with the rest of the details.

Check it:

That's pretty awesome right? The music is fantastic as is the editing and the visuals and though I can't tell what the movie is about, I sure as heck want to know more. And then you read the synopsis:

With his girlfriend kidnapped Jason Young is forced to make a daylight robbery on the towns bank.

During the heist an alarm is triggered and the bank is quickly surrounded by police. Jason is backed into the banks vault where he discovers a mysterious old helmet. Activating it sends him back one hour in time.
Now with the aid of the helmet can he pull off the perfect heist and save his girl?

'Groundhog Day' meets 'The Bank Job' in this laugh out loud (lol) comedy.

This is a comedy?!? Definitely fooled me. I hope this one wins the competition because I'd love to see how the story unfolds. You can help get this movie made by heading over to the film's page and voting. Competition is open until November 30th.

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John Carpenter could have written that music !

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