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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.21.11] Tuvalu post apocalyptic cyberpunk scifi

Someone somewhere is coordinating a major Captain Power comeback and I like it. I grew up on this crazy post-apocalyptic cyberpunk madness, so it's cool to see a decent looking 4-disc complete series DVD set is finally coming in less than a month with all new special features and commentaries to boot.

"The original Captain Power revolutionized television in the 80s by combining live action and computer animation for the first time on a weekly series. It was also one of the first live action science fiction series to develop a complex series–long arc with recurring characters, themes, and situations that developed over the show's entire run.

The show aired in 200 domestic markets and over 46 foreign countries ranking in the top 30% of all syndicated series. During it's run the show received multiple awards and nominations including the Saturn Award, The Gemini Award, and the Golden Reel Award." (via:

The DVD set includes hours of newly-produced special features:
- Out of the Ashes: The Making of Captain Power;
- Season 2: Declassified
- The Legend Begins original TV movie which answers fans’ questions about the second season
- Cast and crew commentary
- photo gallery

You can pre-order Captain Power-Complete Series

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Covax (10 years ago) Reply

Nice! I loved this.

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