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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.25.11] movie news short

The first thing I thought of when watching this fantastic art film disguised as a scifi short was THX-1138. The way director César Pesquera transforms the real-world space of a Barcelona Hotel into another world is similar to how Lucas used the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) to create his own subterranean dystopia. Of course there are also nods to Tarkovski's and Kubrik and the director himself says the film is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy.

René lives a dull, uneventful life in a subterranean world. He is about to be promoted and transferred from Circle One to Circle Six, when a series of mysterious mounds start to appear systematically in his apartment.

Director's's Statement:
To all appearances a thriller, Circle One is actually a reflection on the idea of Limbo and liminality, borrowing elements from Dante's Divine Comedy. Thus the film reflects on the fragile equilibrium of our lives, how this delicate balance can be thrown off by the slightest incident or factor beyond our control, bursting into our reality and causing everything to fall to pieces

Arty enough for you. The film stars Pablo Menasanch, Pep Ribas, Joan Llaneras, Andres Tebar, Francesc Pages and Cesc Gomez.

Check out the entire short below!

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