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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.01.11] United Kingdom fantasy

My first reaction as I read through the synopsis for The Crown and the Dragon on Kickstarter was "Oh god. A convoluted wannabe epic" but with a trailer that's only a minute long, I figured I'd give it a shot and wow, am I glad I did.

The Crown and the Dragon comes to us from Arrowstorm Entertainment and the talents of writers Kynan Griffin and Justin Partridge and director Anne Black and though the synopsis reads like the story would be better suited for a miniseries, the teaser trailer, it is really just a tease, is impressive.

The story follows Elenn, an arrogant young noblewoman from the occupied land of Deira - a muddy backwater of the Vitalion Empire cursed by a particularly vicious dragon. Elenn accompanies her aunt on a mission to bring a relic to the secret coronation of the king of their people. When her aunt is murdered on the road by Vitalion soldiers, Elenn hires a smuggler and criminal, Aedin, to escort her across the dangerous country so she can take her aunt's place at the coronation. But when Corvus, a rogue magister of the empire, employs a dark magic (Undead Assassins) to retrieve the ancient relic for his own evil designs, Elenn must find the humility and strength within herself to fulfill her aunt's calling to free her people, and become a Paladin – the long foretold dragonslayer.

The story sounds interesting and well developed though that's a lot of background to cover in a feature film, and the visuals are nothing to scoff at. This isn't a SyFy movie of the week and for that, I'm thankful. Production on the project is nearly complete but they need a few bucks to help them get to the finishing line and their trailer certainly earned them my money. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

It's also worth noting that the production company has already produced one fantasy epic which looks great and thoguh I can't be certain, it doesn't look like the stwo stories are connected. Dawn of the Dragonslayer is currently available on DVD.

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Nick (10 years ago) Reply

Sorry that looked exactly like a SyFy movie... so... so... cheap.


Koolz (10 years ago) Reply

Pretty impressive I'll support them!

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