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quietearth [Film Festival 12.02.11] horror

Blood. Death. Perversion. That's what the stills inside hold for you. While it sounds mundane, it's anything but. There's a surgical bent here. Based on the multi-award winning short of the same name from 2008, the story revolves around a high school girl who fantasizes about performing surgery on her classmates. It gets better.

She is trying to impress her controlling mother (played by porn star Traci Lords) and has a younger sister suffering from cystic fibrosis. There's some mention of her attempting to fix her sister in the short film, so I'm guessing the climax will be some sort of nauseatingly atrocious attempt at doing this. Along the way, we'll be treated to visions (or actualities) of all sorts of morbid operations. This one is on my must-see list.

The film also stars Malcom McDowell Matthew Gray Gubler, Jeremy Sumpter, Ariel Winter, and AnnaLynne Mccord with a special appearance by John Waters.

Pauline wishes that reconnecting with her mother was as easy as picking scabs. Or that fixing her sisters lung disorder was as simple as dissecting road kill. Maybe the other girls at school would be nicer to her if they knew she fantasized about performing surgery on them..

Teaser for the original short film:

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