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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.02.11] movie news scifi

Sony Pictures producer Neal Moritz thinks it's time to bring another Starship Troopers to the screen. 1997's Paul Verhoeven re-imagining of Robert A. Heinlein's book is considered by many to be a classic science fiction movie. Now, why do I have a feeling all the satire will be striped in a new one in favour of gritty realism? Do you want to know more?

Script duties have been assigned to screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who recently wrote Thor and d FrX-Men: First Class. They also wrote episodes of the now defunct TV shows Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I'm sure there will be some groans about a new version of this story and people will cry for more "original ideas," but then again perhaps this means we'll finally see those powersuits brought to life.

A new Starship Troopers follows remake plans for Verhoeven's Total Recall and RoboCop. Now all we need is a remake of Hollow Man!

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Via: Vulture

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chuck (9 years ago) Reply

Please don't ruin this second chance hollywood... oh who am I kidding? 'Sweet Valley High in Space'- now with better CGI!


Dan (9 years ago) Reply

Maybe I just didn't get the first one. Was it made to be a B movie or did it just come across that way? The first one was a joke to me.


Bill (9 years ago) Reply

This could be great if they ignore the first film (it's of its time and needs to be just left as it is) and go back to the book.


Joe (9 years ago) Reply

I have a wild, radical idea. How about filming THE ACTUAL BOOK, instead of using the title and throwing away the rest of it after using it for toilet paper, as the first film did? Just for once, Hollywood... please.


Bee_Gee. (9 years ago) Reply

Stay true to the book and you cant go wrong. It was on the required reading list when i was doing my phase 1 training in the Army.


MrSatyre (9 years ago) Reply

I've been reading on other movie sites quite a lot of (what is to me very surprising) support for the Verhoven film, as well as a lot of vitriol against a "remake". While I understand their support of what they generally refer to as Verhoven's intentional humor and silliness in his version of Heinlein's novel, I still think his film is not only the weakest of his works, but also an insult to Heinlein's thought-provoking serious story. I would embrace with open arms a more realistic and loyal interpretation of the novel.


donc48 (9 years ago) Reply

When I first read this I my first thought was “In Gods name why?” I was never a fan of the first movie, or any of the sequels. In my experience movies that stayed close to the book or short story usually made great to fairly decent movies. The only exception was the early 1950’s “The Thing from outer Space” which was not even close to the short story, but made a pretty decent flick. Judging by Hollywood current track record I’m really not hopeful about this project, and what’s with all the remakes?


MrSatyre (9 years ago) Reply

Verhoven's "Starship Troopers" should have been titled something else entirely, with "Loosely based on Robert A. Heinlein's novel of the same name" tacked on. That being said, if another studio or director wants to make a film also based on that same novel, that doesn't make it a remake. A remake would be a reinterpretation of something truly original which has already been made into a film, such as the remake of Verhoven's "Robocop", or Roddenberry's "Star Trek", or Hitchcock's "Psycho".


Speedy (9 years ago) Reply

I have only two things to say... SIEG DOOSIE!!!!

Oh.. and if they make it true to the book... it will be a boot camp movie with a little bit of space action.

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