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quietearth [Celluloid 12.09.11] horror drama

Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue will be on my list for top 5 films of 2011, so when I read over at Joblo that one of the films he's got lined up, Skin, revolves around a woman with a thing for plastic surgery, I thought David Cronenberg and I got this tingly feeling all over.

Here's the rundown: It's about a woman who has a pretty low self-esteem, and she's in a car crash. She falls in love with the plastic surgeon who repairs her face, and she kind of persuades him to do more and more surgery, and at some point it goes wrong. Then it's about how it ruins her life and she takes revenge on him and his loved ones. The films currently in the financing stages.

To boot, he's got another in the works entitled Stranger which he describes as a cross between Duel and Lost in Translation. It centers on two American venture capitalists who witness a murder in a factory in China. And the murderers see them.

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