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quietearth [Film Festival 12.15.11] scifi drama

Based on the footage alone, this isn't something I would normally watch. However, the storyline revolves around a woman who has lost both her memory and cognition and lives with her caretaker and has an added scifi element which intrigues me. Therefore, play on QE. Frank Rinaldi's first feature length film looks very minimalistic and builds slowly, without speech.

Sundowning is the portrayal of Shannon, a young woman who has lost her cognition and memory. She is content, but lacks any recollection of her past, her family, or her own identity. She lives in pacified near-isolation, sharing an apartment with Susan, her gentle yet enigmatic caregiver.

Initially accepting of her relationship with Susan, Shannon eventually grows suspicious of her caretaker’s control and intentions. Unable to rely on her memory and subjectivity, Shannon grapples for insight into her present condition and Susan’s role in her life.

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