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quietearth [Celluloid 12.21.11] post apocalyptic scifi action

Art Camacho is known as a fight choreographer but he's also directed a lot of bad films you've never heard of. Now, he's tackling our favorite genre here at Quiet Earth: The Post Apocalyptic! Currently in development, The Unforgiven revolves around a virus wiping out most of humanity, leaving the rest deformed and incapable of procreating, except for Adam who is immune.. I'm guessing there will be an Eve too. No word on when production starts.

The Year is 2124. It finally happened, The Last World War.

Our fearless leaders discovered a way to annihiliate themselves without mass devastation. This war was waged with weapons more insidious than tanks and armor. The infamous Drones made popular in the Middle East wars of the 21st century were the weapon of choice, but instead of firing rockets they unleashed canisters of a deadly virus. The one thing our leaders did not count on was that their enemies also has these biological weapons of mass destruction. No one could have anticipated the real destruction that minkind was about to inflict on itself. The Virus killed billions but the unlucky survivors were no better off. Those who didn't die in the initial attack ended up deformed and the real lucky ones ended up worse. The deadly virus entered their blood stream and infected their DNA, rendering them incapable of regenerating, inhibiting reproduction and limiting their life span from the point of exposure. In short, Man had finally found a way to do something right and that was to eradicate itself entirely. This was the beginning of the end for all of mankind.

There were known to be a few survivors whose DNA made them immune to this source, ADAM was one of them. The race was on to find ADAM.

Poster via 24fps

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