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quietearth [Celluloid 12.28.11] zombies horror action

Fuck yes, we get to kill him again! Shot in the wilds of Utah, this little diddy is about Osama bin Laden returning from his watery grave and creating an army of zombie insurgents. Sound good? Unfortunately we don't have many more details beyond that, but rest assured, even if the film is bad it'll be a winner based on sheer animosity. Now when are we going to get pineapples shoved up his bum like Hitler in Little Nicky?

Directed by John Lyde, written by Kurt Hale, and starring Corey Sevier, Eve Mauro, Jasen Wade.

Yeah that's right, I didn't capitalise the fuckers name.

Check out the short film Zombinladen if you dig this.

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EuroJunk (7 years ago) Reply

The Frenchies have already done it, kinda...

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