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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 01.26.12] post apocalyptic scifi

No this isn't some ironic internet meme, but an honest to god promotional video for a television series that's in-development about a Panda in the apocalypse.

The series is being produced by Epic Films and the prologue they've concocted is filmed with all the gravitas and skill of a Mad Max movie. And like I said, unless my sarcasm radar just went on the fritz, I'm pretty sure this is a serious production. Regardless, I'm loving this.

Other than that we really don't have all that much info.

Panda: Marcus McKenzie
Voiced by: Roger Newcombe

Writer/Director/Editor: Victoria Cocks
Producer: Kirsty Stark

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donc48 (10 years ago) Reply

Damn this is what I'm talking about good clean PA family fun.


Me (10 years ago) Reply

Is this for real? god i hope so. Genius


bakabox (10 years ago) Reply

He'll turn into a Yao guai if he stays out in the Wasteland for too long!


evildead1971 (10 years ago) Reply

the only way they could make it cooler is if they gave him a sword and then they did! reminds me of alan dean foster's spellsinger series a bit. i wonder if other animals are going to show up?


wickitom (10 years ago) Reply

oh yea, best upcoming tv show ever


Epic Films (10 years ago) Reply

Really glad you all liked it! Can't wait to bring you more panda. Head over to our Epic Films Facebook and become a fan so we can keep you updated:


Fredster (10 years ago) Reply

First I was lie WTF! Then I was like,"This is so cool."


kerosene (10 years ago) Reply

This looks mindblowing


Bigcat (10 years ago) Reply

having looked around found this -

contains more info


street (10 years ago) Reply

i'd buy that for a dollar!


Derek (10 years ago) Reply

Looks good. I hope it will be on DVD in the US.


Typhon (10 years ago) Reply

It's serious, and based on a old japanese comic that was originally meant as a parody of Mad Max with serious themes.


Guido_Jenkins (10 years ago) Reply

as I am not known for being a fan of what the human race is becoming, I am all in for this one....go Panda!! kick some ass!!! beautiful concept for a hero...yes, heres hoping it will be available on DVD here in US...

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