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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.26.12] scifi comedy

Monty Python will re-team to voice CG aliens in Terry Jones' next outing, Absolutely Anything, a scifi comedy about said aliens endowing an earthling with the power to do "absolutely anything" just to see what a mess he'll make of things -- which is precisely what happens.

Variety reports that there's also a talking dog named Dennis who seems to understand more about the mayhem that ensues than anyone else does and that Robin Williams will voice the canine character.

Apparently the film is based on an idea that has been developed by Jones and writer Gavin Scott over the past two decades. Wow. That better be a good punchline.

Plans are for filming to begin in the U.K. this spring.

More as it comes, silly people.

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S (8 years ago) Reply

well, all but chapman at least
they did say there won't be another python movie until chapman gets over himself and rises from the dead
luckily, with the miracle of modern technology, he's doing just that for "a liar's autobiography"
i just hope it's any good

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