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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.12.12] scifi

Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) has picked up the rights to Stephen Tunny's young adult novel, One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy which is said to be a powerful coming of age story set against a very imaginative and visually striking world.

Screenwriter Edward Ricourt, who adapted How to Defeat Your Own Clone for Dimension has been hired to adapt the book into a feature film.

Set 2000 years in the future, novel's protag is 16-year-old Hieronymus Rexaphin, who lives on the now-colonized moon, where he meets a girl from Earth who is inexplicably drawn to him because of his special -- some say dangerous -- condition, which gives him the ability to see the future path of time and matter

More as it comes.

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy

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olmo (9 years ago) Reply

That's a great novel. Let's see...


Tensen01 (9 years ago) Reply

Great... Now how about he give us Twilight Watch like we were promised instead of schlocky action crap.

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