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quietearth [Celluloid 01.03.12] Italy thriller crime

To borrow a phrase from the synopsis, "On the surface" this looks like an ordinary thriller with a babbling blonde and a SAW persuasion, but knowing the Fabios (the folks behind the incredible short film Afterville), it's not. We've been following this project for some time now, and we finally have a teaser. The beginning is slow, but wait until they get to those granite boxes. No release date has been set.

Directed by Enrico Clerico Nasino, the film was both written and produced by Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro and stars John Brotherton, Ellen Hollman, Gabriel Myers, and Jay Harrington.

On the surface, Kate and Jack, late 20s, are happy. But like everyone, they carry secrets that neither is prepared to reveal. After their wedding, they awake from a deep, dark sleep, each alone in a sealed room with no doors or windows - only images projected on the walls and a monitor with two buttons: one for "yes", one for "no".

As the horror of their situation unfolds, surveillance films showing their life together appear on the wall, as the monitor asks questions, each more strange and terrifying than the last. It soon becomes apparent that a bizarre test of their relationship is underway, and the secrets revealed lead them deeper and deeper into what could not just destroy their love, but threaten their very lives...


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EarthsSurvivor (10 years ago) Reply

When is this beast out?! Been waiting ages now. Don't want to watch the trailer in-case of spoilers.


USERNAME (10 years ago) Reply



EarthsSurvivor (10 years ago) Reply

Seems too creepy for me. Bit too much like Saw. Will be sat there on the edge of my seat waiting for the blood and torture to begin. Not what I want from a film!


2Dman (10 years ago) Reply

I'm friend of a friend that was part of the crew of the movie, so I had the chance to saw it. It's very disturbing but if I remember well, there's no one single drop of blood in the movie!
Very different from Saw. (even though it's full of found-footage stuff, the movie has been shot in a traditional cinematic way...)
hope it'll be released soon!

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