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quietearth [Celluloid 01.04.12] zombies horror war

If you're not familiar with the asylum, they make rip-offs of Hollywood blockbuster then beat them to the punch by getting the DVD in your local store before the film (in this case, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) appears in theatres. While the films are generally bad with low production values, I can't help but watching them (eg: I am Omega which ripped off I am Legend) and I have to admit I am looking forward to Nazis at the Center of the Earth. As for Abe, check out this logline: While the brutal Civil War rages on, Abraham Lincoln must undertake an even more daunting task; destroying the Confederate Undead! Yes, this baby is now casting, so we will get to see it!

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Special thanks to the Avery Mining Corp.

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Noname (9 years ago) Reply

The movies are so bad they aren't worth watching. The Asylum should be shut down and the people behind it burned at the stake.


Slushie_Man (9 years ago) Reply

So Noname, because you personally don't like them, then nobody should be allowed to watch their movies? Get over yourself. If you don't like them, then don't watch them. As for the rest of us who enjoy them, at least they're out there for us to watch. Not everything made, has to be made to appeal specifically to just you.


Michael Allen (9 years ago) Reply

Oh, it sounds like Noname had one of his films ripped off. Come on, Zombie Apocalypse was good and so was I Am Omega. Transmorphers - not so much.


Speedy (9 years ago) Reply

How do they get around the whole "You stole my idea" concept?

Let them try to invent a computer, or black slab of plastic... Apple's attackdog laywers will finish them off.


Heather (9 years ago) Reply

I wonder how you audition for this movie. I live like 30 minutes away from where it's being filmed.


jjd (9 years ago) Reply

There is an ad at the WTOC website. They have this email for people who want to be in the movie.

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