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quietearth [Celluloid 02.15.12] apocalyptic scifi adventure

The madness reboots in this far-future adaptation where the Earth is on the verge of extinction and a new planet holds the darkness our protagonist Marlow will experience in his pursuit. While no director has been announced, the project is in pre-production and is being produced by Gary Hamilton (who produced the excellent Acolytes) and Ted Field (executive producer on Richard Kelly's The Box among others).

Get moving on this!

APOCALYPSE 2388. Earth is on the brink of extinction. Legendary explorer KURTZ is sent on a desperate last bid mission to scout an unknown planet on the far side of the universe. A planet that may sustain human life.

But communication with Kurtz mysteriously ceases and rookie flight officer MARLOW is assigned the perilous task of completing the objective. Tracking Kurtz into the unknown he reaches it. A new earth. And a race of beings at the dawn of time.

But Kurtz has his own plans for the new world and man's last hope for survival. And to achieve it he will take man to the only place that will protect paradise. Into darkness.

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Morrisminor (10 years ago) Reply

I thought Peter Cornwell was directing this?


Umberto (10 years ago) Reply

Potrebbe essere una buona idea quella di trasferire dal mare allo spazio il capolavoro di Conrad...

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