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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 02.09.12] post apocalyptic scifi

Yep, between 1977 and 1978 Logan ran on televisions across America for eleven gloriously cheesy, fun-filled post-apocalyptic episodes and now the oft bootlegged series is finally running to DVD this April. But wait, there's more....

The box includes three unaired episodes!

Earth: 2319. Nuclear holocaust has devastated the planet. Survivors cluster in isolated communities, unaware of the existence of others. The people in the City of Domes lead idyllic lives ... until they are killed on their 30th birthday.

Logan (Harrison), a Sandman (elite policeman), escapes this fate with the help of a beautiful member of the underground, Jessica (Heather Menzies). Together, they search for Sanctuary, a mythical paradise, accompanied by an android, Rem (Donald Moffat), and pursued by another Sandman. As they encounter different civilizations--some welcoming, some threatening--Logan and Jessica keep searching for Sanctuary on Logan's Run.

Logan's Run television series was based on the feature film and on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.

Episodes include:
1) "Logan's Run" (90 minute pilot)--Guest Starring Keene Curtis, Morgan Woodward, Michael Beihn.
2) "The Collectors"--Guest Starring Linden Chiles, Leslie Parrish, Angela Cartwright.
3) "Capture"--Guest Starring Horst Bucholz, Mary Woronov.
4) "The Innocent"--Guest Starring Lisa Eilbacher, Brian Kerwin.
5) "Man Out of Time"--Guest Starring Paul Shenar, Mel Ferrer.
6) "Halflife"--Guest Starring Len Birman, William Smith, Kim Cattral.
7) "Crypt"--Guest Starring Ellen Weston, Chrisopher Stone, Liam Sullivan.
8) "Fear Factor"--Guest Starring Jared Martin, Ed Nelson, Peter Brandon.
9) "Judas Goat"--Guest Starring Nicholas Hammond, Lance LeGault, Morgan Woodward.
10) "Futurepast"--Guest Starring Mariette Hartley.
11) "Carousel"--Guest Starring Melody Anderson, Morgan Woodward.

12) "Night Visitors"--Guest Starring Barbara Babcock, George Maharis, Paul Mantee.
13) "Turnabout"--Guest Starring Nehemeiah Persoff, Gerald McRaney, Hari Rhodes.
14) "Stargate"--Guest Starring Paul Carr, Eddie Firestone.

The Logan's Run: Complete Series Box is available to pre-order

The Show also had a stellar theme that would give you an audio seizure.

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