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Rick McGrath [Celluloid 02.09.12] Singapore scifi drama

Year: 2012
Directors: Frank Rinaldi
Writers: Frank Rinaldi
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: Rick McGrath
Rating: X out of 10

Right off the bat I'm here to tell you "sundowning" is a mood disorder syndrome associated with early dementia. It has something to do with a malfunctioning internal clock, but the only timepiece you're going to be interested in when you watch this demented flick is the one that tells you when it's over.

Sundowning is, without a doubt, one of the worst arthouse efforts I've seen in years. Sure, I can appreciate endless screen time where nothing happens; I don't mind if there's no dialogue; I'm happy with crappy cinematography if it adds to the overall effect - but in he Sundowning all this happens and it's so obscure and so unintelligible that after all the non-action you've suffered through you'd hope it might mean something funky, but it turns out all of the plot's meaning - yes, everything - is not shown, but explained to us at the very end. And it's a stupid sci-fi explanation, to boot.


I'm hoping you're never, ever going to be tempted to see this waste of time, so I'm going to plotbust this one for you and say the whole movie is about how a woman from the future comes back to our time to convert the first woman on earth into a female being who can inseminate herself. That's what we learn in the last five minutes of this flick, and I'll bet nobody who manages to make it to this revelation would have any blinking idea that's what the story is leading up to. Sure, there are some blatant hints about a metamorphosis - we see lots of butterflies - but nothing to prepare us for this summation shock, delivered in a lazy voiceover, at the end.


Why is Sundowning so crummy? Aside from the non-acting, boring set, character inaction, endless repetition and lack of storyline, the credits give some clue: there are only two actors in the entire film, yet there are three Producers, 10 Executive Producers, and six Associate Producers. I think they all tossed in $100 to make this dumb and dumber movie. They might have hired someone to write a real script. Sundowners? I'll take the full dementia, please.

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