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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.21.12] France animation comedy

It's not too surprising that two years have passed since we first touched base with Patrice Leconte's foray into animated fare. The Suicide Shop (Le magasin des suicides), based on Jean Teule's novel, looked and sounded like fun but animation seems to take longer than a Malick film to emerge so here we are, two years after we first posted about the film, with an update.

The story takes place in a joyless world of depression where a little shop sells all matter of items to help individuals with their suicides. Into this world of joyless existence comes a baby boy with a joy for life. Eeek!

This isn't exactly kid friendly and though the animation is gorgeous, it's also dark and creepy. I couldn't help but laugh at parts of the new trailer, care of the good folks at Catsuka, which is very similar to the original English teaser which appeared online a few years ago announcing the project. There are a few additional bits of animation but even the French narration seems to mirror the original English one.

It's not much of a "new" trailer but it's a nice reminder that this is on its way and hopefully, will be tickling us pink later this year.

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