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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.28.12] scifi

Since everyone's all up in a tizzy about silent movies now that The Artist won best picture at the Oscars this weekend (how it could, being a French film is still beyond me), I thought I'd share this dystopian short called MUTE.

MUTE was directed by The Brothers Strause of Skyline fame and AVP: Requiem infamy a few years back and at the height of cyberpunk mania. It's about a world where people can't hear and there is no music.

Now, before you cry foul, yes, "Mute" was created by Alpine Electronics. It was created as part of Alpine's long-term, global marketing strategy to subtly promote the 25 year-old brand in a fresh and relevant way to younger consumers. Having said that, Mute contains no blatant product information or corporate messaging other than visuals of the sound system.


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Umberto (10 years ago) Reply

Ragazzi... ho odiato quella buffonata di Skyline ed anche questo corto non ha senso...,niente storia solo questi modelli che sembrano manichini... boh! questa non e' fantascienza e' solo una lezione (brutta) di stile.


Username (10 years ago) Reply

lazzzzzzer lights.... wow

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