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Marina Antunes [General News 02.10.12] apocalyptic fantasy

Here's one we didn't see coming and quite frankly, I wish it was Scott Charles Stewart's other project which was getting a TV adaptation.

News out of Hollywood is that Stewart's Legion is in series development at SyFy with the director set to direct and executive produce. Can't say that excites me much. The concept for Legion which pitted humans against God's army of archangels who had been sent to earth to deliver the Apocalypse, had great visual style and a stellar cast but it was a largely uninspired feature which squandered away some amazing acting talent. Priest, Stewart's follow-up, fared a bit better but not by much.

It doesn't sound particularly promising but there is a silver lining here. Stewart seems to be getting better with each new offering and who knows, maybe TV will be his medium. It certainly helps that he has great vision which he seems able to deliver on limited budgets which bodes well for TV. As for the news that the new series will be written by Vaun Wilmott is neither here nor there; he's a relative new comer with only a few credits to his name, one of them being Sons of Anarchy.

This could go either way but I'm always up for good fantasy TV. Fingers crossed that this pans out.

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SeeminglySquare (8 years ago) Reply

I was somewhat excited until that Sons of Anarchy bit, that show is awfully boring.


Marina (8 years ago) Reply

I wouldn't worry too much about that. He's only written one episode of the show.


Rook (8 years ago) Reply

Hurray! Another reason not to watch the SyFy Channel....


aesoafs (8 years ago) Reply

boy, sure didn't see that one coming.


Juan Valdez (8 years ago) Reply

Humans vs Archangels? No contest. Turn you into a pillar of salt just by commanding it?


Why in the F*CK is an archangel carrying an MP5 submachinegun? What would they need that for?

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