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I remember the first time I heard of "Dark Shadows." I was asking my mother-in-law when she started watching "Coronation Street" and partway through the discussion she brought up this show she remembered from her teens. She described it as a soap opera but with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and all sorts of other creepies. I was instantly curious but searching for the series turned into a nightmare when it seemed I'd have to cobble together a collection from VHS tapes from friends and over priced eBay purchases.

No more because as of May 8th, you'll be able to pick-up the entire "Dark Shadows" series on DVD. "Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series" will feature all 1,255 episodes of the series on 131 discs in a custom coffin shaped box. In addition to the series, the release also includes more than 100 bonus interviews with the actors and production personnel including Kate Jackson, Oscar nominee Grayson Hall and Hollywood Golden Era movie star Joan Bennett, plus a 96-page booklet with photographs and episode summaries, DVDs of bloopers, behind-the-scenes documentary and cast reunion. All of this can be yours for $600.

For those more curious than hardcore, April 10th will see the release of "Fan Favourites" and "The Best of Barnabas." Each of these sets will include nine fan favourite episodes which make a great introduction to the characters.

Considering this is the first time the series has been available since the mid 90s when it was released in volumes over a period of a few years, I have a feeling it's going to be a hot seller, even with the hefty price tag so if you want yours, you may want to pre-order.

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shocbomb (10 years ago) Reply

The only reason I have glimpse memories as a kid of this show are they used the castle and tower right down the road form me in for it in Garrison NY. I think its called Castle Rock ? The other castle in Garrison osborne castle was used in the wizard of Oz.

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