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quietearth [Celluloid 03.02.12] Poland horror fantasy

Most of you remember the work of Jonkatys like the mindblowing The 3rd Letter, not to mention the post apocalyptic short The Ark, and while he isn't doing FX on the likes of Battleship, Iron Man 2, or Star Trek, he's been hard at work on his own fantastical figments which in this case is a horror/fantasy based loosely on the events of his father's life during WWII.

Jonkajtys is currently working with Platige Image on a proof of concept teaser, which will be available in a month or two, and then will be looking for funding.

And now we present to you some concept art along with some stills from the upcoming POC teaser.

Snow King is the story of a man, who, as a young boy witnesses the horrors of war, human cruelty and insufferable pain.

Deported to a distant land far from home, the boy develops a dangerous friendship with an eccentric local puppet-maker, a bond he must sacrifice to save his mother.

Ever since, he is cursed with an unlikely ability; to see the evil in all people. An ability that stays with him into his adult life. One that fuels both talent and malice, bringing him fame and fortune yet driving him ever further toward madness.

You can check out more of Jonkajtys' work at his personal website.

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