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quietearth [Celluloid 03.06.12] apocalyptic drama

As part of the upcoming competition lineup at Tribeca 2012 is yet another of a growing number of kickstarter projects getting major fest play. Benjamin Dickinson directs a group of hipsters stuck in a farmouse after an undefined "infrastructure collapse" leaves them without all the comforts of modern life. Hopefully they eat each other. I wonder how vegans taste .. with ranch? Would that be sacrilege as I think ranch contains dairy products?

In December 2012, a massive collapse of infrastructure leaves a group of Brooklyn yogis snowed-in at a country farmhouse without electricity, cell phone reception, or running water. With nothing to rely on but their wits, a couple of old books, and each other, they must survive the first winter off the grid.

and the official synopsis:
During a winter of record-breaking cold, a blackout of apocalyptic proportions strands a group of Brooklyn hipsters in a remote country farmhouse. At first, it’s a party: drugs, sex, and yoga. But as the days go on and the food supply dwindles, they turn against one another, and gradually are forced to confront their mortality.

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street (9 years ago) Reply

this makes me want to see battleship


donc48 (9 years ago) Reply

What no Zombies???


R III (9 years ago) Reply

At least they were keeping the roads plowed (fly-over at the end ;-)


Big bear (9 years ago) Reply

Why do the you tube links Otis website never work for uk visitors these days....


Username (9 years ago) Reply

Soooo someone who lives in a town that has snow owns a 5D and films some shots of his drunk mates walking around, slaps a tag line onto it and its a trailer for a film?

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