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quietearth [Celluloid 03.25.12] scifi action thriller fantasy dystopic

Based on a secret organization bent on world control and an almost extinct group of resistance fighters, some of which who can travel to different realms. The Traveler and it's sequels are getting the fast track treatment at Warner Bros which just optioned all of them. No further details are available.

The Traveller, which some describe as "The Matrix" meets "1984", can be succinctly described as a post 9/11 reaction to government control with a scifi/fantasy bent, I read the first novel and loved the quasi-dystopic story which was released during the time where the idea of "staying off the grid" was gaining traction.

Has anyone read the rest of them?

via Deadline

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wickitom (8 years ago) Reply

I read them all, the first book was the best, it went downhill with the 2nd and 3rd, but it finished the story pretty well. I was quite satisfied with the trilogy. This post made my day, I always love having movies made from books I read. I surely looking forward to the first movie. Hopefully the won't Hollywood the movies too much like they did with the Bourne Trilogy.

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