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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.10.12] action Exploitation

I won't comment on the strange unprecedented rise of Nunsploitation, but following on the heels of the recent release of Nude Nuns with Big Guns come a faux grindhouse trailer called Infernal Nuns.

When Pope Innocentius VIII is doomed to die, Marie Claire, an innocent nun, is ready to sacrifice everything. But her undying love for the holy father will be her downfall. Raped and left for dead, she decides to take REVENGE!

Infernal nuns stars Emmanuelle Collinet, Adolfo Assor, Nils Weyland and was directed by Roland Petrizza & Alex Eslam.

Warning: Trailer is NSFW.

via: Opium

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Hussman (10 years ago) Reply

Probably a good time to say this trailer is NSFW


bg (10 years ago) Reply


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