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quietearth [Celluloid 03.13.12] post apocalyptic thriller drama

Year: 2012
Directors: Paul S. Myers
Writers: Paul S. Myers
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: Don Neumann
Rating: 3 out of 10

Billed as a re-imagining of the "Wizard of Oz", this post apocalyptic yarn follows two teenage girls in search of some theoretical haven. As they travel the dust cloaked brick road we meet oblique parables of Oz's gamut of personalities which reshapes this childhood favorite into a dire journey mixed with stoic hope. While the overall ambiance is fitting for the conversion, it's so full of inconsistencies that I think the producers were passing the bong instead of doing their chores.

Set in the tumbleweed tangle of the South West, thirteen year old Matti and fourteen year old Joslyn's parents are killed an indeterminate time after "The Crash". While "The Crash" goes unexplained, we get the idea it's economic in nature.

Our first inconsistency comes in the terse mourning period before they're off in search of their Grandma. Wouldn't seemingly sheltered girls be heartbroken as they hide under the floorboards during the rape and murders? As the only reference to their lifestyle are the aforementioned bevy of inconsistencies, we just don't know. So it's right back to the usual sibling rivalry.

It gets worse.

Living off canned food coming from crisp Whole Foods bags (them's some high class eats for the apocalypse), we soon discover the older of the pair, Joslyn, plays the role of the Scarecrow. Obviously a spoiled Daddy's girl, she provides many of the dramatic detours along the way. To boot, Matti has to keep reading the book the film is based off "because Daddy would". All the while, they're wearing pristine summer dresses and shoes that look brand new even after mucking through the deserted scrub land.

Unfortunately the cinematography and dialog are the only competent components of this story as director Paul Myers fails miserably in getting the two main characters to emote properly and I'll save you the spoilers but will say the Tin Man has no heart because he's a sociopath.

Matti does try clicking her heels three times but she can't project her fantasies onto reality. You didn't think this was going to end up back in Kansas, did you?

While I loved the feel of 5 Shells, it would of worked better as a short.

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