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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.29.12] apocalyptic scifi

There's been some speculation about the plot of the mysterious, big-budget science fiction Invertigo, which will be directed by DJ Caruso (Disturbia, Eagle Eye) and written by Ehren Kruger and Bradley Cramp and produced by mega-producer Neal Moritz (Fast Five). Though never officially released, everyone agreed on that fact that it was probably going to be about an major disaster involving the earth. Perhaps a reversal of the poles, perhaps something to do with gravity. Well, now it's official.

Invertigo is be about a NASA satellite that crash-lands in New York City, creating a "reverse-G vortex" where gravity is inverted. It imperils the planet if a rescue mission fails.

The information comes from Deadline who report that the spec is on a fast track toward production.

More as it comes.

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FOX (9 years ago) Reply

WTF?! Inverted gravity caused by a crashlanded satellite?!

Sounds like an idea thrown into the trashbin by the producers of so many glorious syfy-pictures.

It's plain retarded. Nonethless the visuals, if pumped with millions, will surely be amazing-looking.

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