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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.17.12] scifi

Please join us in welcoming into the world, David: Eighth generation Weyland type, technological, intellectual, physical, emotional.

God, help us all.

Prometheus trailers

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Prometheus (8 years ago) Reply

God save us all...? No GOD BLESS US ALL. We have failed God & the universe in every conceivable way; what we need is more "david's" who will love & care for this world better than we ever will; who will look out to the star, instead of in to our selfishness. I was a little worried about the Prometheus & the CGI, but it seems the story may be on par & because everyone is so damn cheap & lazy I guess we have to deal with CGI forever.


agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

Well, considering what we know of a little android named Ash I think it's safe to be skeptical of David's ability to be truly benign. Remember, her is under the programmed control of humans...


street (8 years ago) Reply

i love the idea that movie promos (viral somethings) are now vehicles for people other than the director to showcase talent.


donc48 (8 years ago) Reply

Weren't the type 21's a little twitchy?

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