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quietearth [Celluloid 05.27.12] Hungary animation drama

Hungarian animator Marcell Jankovics has spent 25 years working on this 160 minute piece of animation. Based on a famous play of the same name, the story follows Adam and Eve, guided by Lucifer, from the Garden of Eden to the future as they search for the meaning of life. Some of the visuals are incredibly psychedelic and even delve into the Escherian.

As a side note, his earlier work like Johnny Corncob looks astonishingly like Yellow Submarine.

The protagonist of Madach's play is the first human couple, who are, after having been chased out of the Garden of Eden, accompanied through history by Satan. Lucifer puts Adam to sleep, and the two begin to travel through history. In each period, Adam's previous dreams are exposed as being futile, flawed, or unattainable. Adam ages with each passing scene, representing not only his increasing wisdom but also the increasing burden of hopelessness. In the end, Adam wakes up and realizes that the ultimate goal is death, but life consists of struggle and this struggle must be the goal.

via Cartoon Brew

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jjay (9 years ago) Reply

very symbolic,love it!


chuck (9 years ago) Reply

Wow! That was downright Jodorowskian. The animation is very old school and gorgeous. Of course, living in Tampa, I'll never see it in a theater. If it doesn't have third-world lesbians our local 'art houses' won't show it.


David Banner (9 years ago) Reply

25 years? What, did he make it alone? Do tell more

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