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quietearth [Celluloid 05.18.12] zombies animation action drama

As we wrote a month ago, Richard Cunningham is trying to take his animated zombie short feature length and he needs your help to do it. So check out the videos below and give him money on kickstarter campaign.

A month after a bacterial parasite began to plague New York City, a survivor remains barricaded his bedroom, trapped by the zombies beating at his door. Eating captured insects and drinking from a leaky pipe, he ekes out the numbed existence of someone caged and isolated. This animated zombie apocalypse tells the story of man's slow breakup with the world that was.

zombies beating

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Anon (8 years ago) Reply

An animated zombie flick that takes place in a single room by a guy that has a name of a Happy Days character... I don't think the concept is even good.

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