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quietearth [Celluloid 06.21.12] scifi action

The folks behind Act of Valor are reportedly red hot with this new project, but I have to say this action scifi piece looks pretty mundane. How many times have we seen this plot? All it's got going for it is an android. What do you think?

via Deadline

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Rann Xeroxx (9 years ago) Reply

Like most films, they seem to home out in swarms. With the RoBoCop reboot, I am not surprised to see the same "type" of film here. BUT this one looks good.


Stacker (9 years ago) Reply

'Cyberpunk' awesome-sauce in lots of upcoming releases... but have to say, this promo has me interested.


Votre (9 years ago) Reply

Sci-fi movies seem to fall into two main groups. The first is the thought provoking "concept" type of film. The second is the entertainment movie,

This particular film probably lands more in the second category. But so what? This actually looks pretty good so far. Besides, not everything has to be breakthrough. Don't know if I'd head out to a theater to see it. But I'd definitely consider watching it on DVD.


M (9 years ago) Reply

Doesn't look bad. Have we really seen that many Man transforms into Machine plots on this side of the Pacific?


Charles Widmore (9 years ago) Reply

Is it my imagination or does the Prototype look like a mechanical version of Abe Sapien from Hellboy?


jjay (9 years ago) Reply

I was thinking more of the nazi guy from Hellboy 1 lol

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